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Agencia Catalana de Turisme

As part of the Catalunya Experience campaign, the Agencia Catalana de Turisme adds every year a new piece of digital material to promote Catalonia tourism. Unfiltered has been approached to produce a destination short film for the year 2018 that could that made clear the diverse and vibrant offering of this beautiful region.

the process

An agile production team of 6 people drove and filmed no-stop across Catalonia for 15 days with the support of a local guide that lead to the most unique places.

project gallery

the output

Following 3 weeks of cherry-picking the best clips and putting together the most attractive characters we have output a short film of 4 minutes that has been awarded in several festivals.

Awards & Features

Zagreb Tourfilm Festival

Catalunya Destination Video Grand Prix 2018 Winner

Golden City Festival

Catalunya Destination Video Prize Winner